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STEM talk

On April 24th 2014, the “Bill Gates” Bilingual school complex, a primary school located in Yaounde, hosted the first GetReady event, a “Career Day” at the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day 2014. To maximize the impact of the event for students, their teachers and parents were also invited and many were present.


The activities of the event included:

  • an introduction address by M. Félix Ngada, the school manager;
  • a brief discussion with students about their favourite subject in class to break the ice;
  • Presentations by three enthousiastic professional women in STEM about ICT studies and careers (by Nathalie Tekam, IT Engineer), and the importance of ICT in other STEM careers (by Maryben Chiatoh : agronomist, and Sylvie Djacbou : Environmental Consultant);
  • a workshop with students to lead them to have fun while thinking to solve a problem, experiencing teamwork and exercising leadership;
  • a Q/A session;
  • a brief demo in the school’s IT room to students and parents to explain them what using “kebisu”, the web tutoring platform to be deployed soon in their school, will change for them.


The school’s manager stressing the importance of the event


Attentive teachers that will be available to help the students
go further after the talk


Maryben Chiatoh explaining to the children what she does daily as an agronomist, and how important are ICT tools, for example while analyzing data to design solutions to assure the quality and the quantity of food available in our markets.


Sylvie Djacbou explaining in simple words to the students what sustainable development means, and how ICT tools help her as an environmental consultant to preserve our environment.


Students listening to instructions during the workshop…


… and rushing to make their team be the first to find a solution.


Interested students and watchful parents in the IT room.


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