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Smart Teachers 2018 is supported by the AIMS-MasterCard Foundation Mathematics Teachers Training Program

GetReady’s team is pleased to announced that its program Smart Teachers 2018 is now supported by the AIMS-MasterCard Foundation Mathematics Teachers Training Program (AIMS-TTP Cameroon) program. Launched by AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) in 2016, this program aims at raising the quality of mathematics and science education at the secondary level by providing teacher training and professional development courses, promoting best practices and distributing high-quality classroom resources to in-service and pre-service teachers.

Smart Teachers 2018 participants will benefit not only from the logistical support provided by AIMS-TTP Cameroon, but also from the involvement during the capacity building sessions, of the Director of the AIMS-TTP Cameroon, Pr. Daniel Tieudjo and of Georges Niatchak, ICT Coordinator of the TTP.


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