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Get involved

Become a partner organization

The GetReady team would be glad to partner with non-profit organizations that have the same or similar goals. We believe that together we can achieve much more than by acting alone. Feel free to contact us.


Become a STEM talk stakeholder

GetReady results from our desire to share our experience with the next generation, with the hope to inspire, equip and encourage them to choose and excel in STEM fields and careers. If you have the same goal, don't hesitate to contact us.


Support the addition of a beneficiary school

You can contact us if as an invidual, an organization or a comparny, you wish to offer IT material or services (computers, LAN implementation, etc.) to allow an under-privileged school to have the necessary infrastructure to receive kebisu, the web tutoring platform offered by GetReady.


Submit your feedback or ideas

You can share by email, Facebook or Twitter how GetReady's activities impacted your school or your personal life, and suggest any improvements. Any feedback from you will be welcome.


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Join our community on Facebook to meet and discuss with other people interested or impacted by GetReady.


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Stay up to date with the latest GetReady information. Follow @lets-getready

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  • Hot line: (+237) 655 214 000 / 676 055 216