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Smart Teachers 2018 - Training content

(The training resources are in french)

Title of the session Trainer Video of the session   Presentation
Relevance of the usage of computer science to improve education Pr Daniel Tieudjo (AIMS-TTP)  
How to use computer science to improve teaching practice Pr Frida Longo (Cert'Num Sup)
Computational thinking Nathalie Tekam (GetReady)
How to build engaging teaching content Nathalie Tekam (GetReady)
Presentation of relevant content creation computer science tools Christian Tchepmou (Smart Attitude)  
Initiation to programming Arielle Kitio (CAYSTI)  
Programming with Scratch Nathalie Tekam (GetReady)  
Presentation of SMART Boards Georges Niatchak (AIMS-TTP)  
How to realize a project with high school students

Christelle Tayou (Technovation Cameroon), Nathalie Tekam (GetReady)


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