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Smart Teachers - Summary of 2018 activities and events

Video summarizing Smart Teachers 2018 training sessions (on our website or directly on Youtube)   Video of the mid-program monitoring and evaluation meeting (on our website or directly on Youtube)




 Selection of participants

After an online application process, 37 teachers working in urban and rural areas from 8 Cameroonian regions were selected to participate in Smart Teachers 2018.


Training and community of practice

Participants received 16 hours of theorical and practical training. Training modules included the following.

  • Relevance of the usage of computer science to improve education (by Pr Daniel Tieudjo, AIMS-TTP)
  • How to use computer science to improve teaching practice (by Pr Frida Longo, Cert'Num Sup)
  • How to realize a project with high school students (by Christelle Tayou, Technovation Cameroon)
  • Computational thinking (by Nathalie Tekam, GetReady)
  • How to build engaging teaching content (by Nathalie Tekam, GetReady)
  • Presentation of smartboards (by Georges Niatchak, AIMS-TTP)
  • Presentation of relevant computer science tools (by Christian Tchepmou, Smart Attitude)
  • Initiation to programming (by Arielle Kitio, CAYSTI)
  • Programming with Scratch (by Nathalie Tekam, GetReady)

The training and COP continue on an elearning workspace configured on Kebisu ( especially for Smart Teachers partcipants.


Monitoring and evaluation

A monitoring and evaluation meeting was held on July 6th, 2018. The participating teachers shared how they applied the training they received, and looked for solutions to difficulties encountered in coaching students in the framework of the ongoing project competition.


Project Competition

At the end of the face-to-face training, participating teachers formed teams of students, who work on projects that will be defended at the end of Smart Teachers 2018 edition in front of a panel of experienced teachers and STEM professionals. Team members who will submit the best projects will receive technology prizes. The goal of the project competition is to serve as an application framework for the training. Teachers are expected to use the tools and methods learned during the training to improve the transmission of their skills, and to show their students how to use what they learn in classrooms, to solve concrete problems.

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