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To impact a girl in her school, train her teachers

Using ICT for regular educational activities is still a challenge for teachers of GetReady's beneficiary schools, whereas there are the ones to help their students to get used to these tools. During the year 2014/2015, two training sessions were performed for teachers in Nalassi and in Yaounde, to equip them for this challenge. Two aspects were addressed: 

     1. How educational ICT tools in general can make them more efficient at their job

     2. How to use Kebisu in their school, and teach their students how to use it at its best.

Additional training sessions are to come.

Teachers' training in Nalassi
Focused teachers and school owner at "La Gloire" Bilingual Primary School (Nalassi) ...

... and at "Les Amis" Bilingual Primary School (Yaounde)
A big up to Neh Honorine Che, GetReady's support technician!

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