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GetReady created the first IT room of Nalassi village

"Seeing all this is a dream coming true" These are words of the chief of Nalassi village. March 17th,2015 was a very special day for GetReady's team. A lot of emotions, especially the realization that what we want to share can have more impact than we had imagined, and the challenge of giving more. We are so grateful for the WeTech Seed Fund, that allowed us to afford offering, installing and connecting computers.


Ms. Souga Solange, the school owner and GetReady's lead, in

the newly installed IT room, the first one in Nalassi village.

  The room was previously used as a library for school's students.

 A surprisingly solemn welcome from Abomo Cyrienne Chantal,

a 4th Grade student ...

   ... and warmth from the school's director and owner.

 Students were so excited  

 Setting details of the training with the teachers


Students' parents canceled their farming activities to witness

the installation of computers.

  And the village's chief expressed warm thanks
Special thanks to Eric Deugoue, our hardware technician

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